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So you need a legal secretary?

I know that feeling all too well.  One of your legal secretaries has told you she is moving on to a new firm and now the rush is on to find a replacement so that your business isn't affected. 

Or maybe your practice is growing and you need an extra pair of hands to help out.

You need a secretary that can hit the ground running and get stuck in where they're needed.  Once you have instructed me, I will start sourcing suitable candidates that will be a good match for your firm and bring along with them the experience and knowledge that you require.

Let's chat

We'll start by having a chat.  I want to know exactly what qualities you want your legal secretary to have.  

Will they work for just one solicitor, or will they float?

Do you want someone who can handle a conveyancing file, applying for Property Certificates and Searches themselves?  Or maybe you want a legal secretary that has experience in litigation or personal injury claims.

Once I have built up a picture of what exactly you require, I'll get searching.

Keeping you informed

Communication is key.  

I will send you regular updates keeping you informed.

I want to make the recruitment process as streamlined and stress-free as I possibly can for you so while I won't be inundating you with unnecessary emails, rest assured I am busy behind the scenes finding that perfect legal secretary for your business.

Get in touch

028 8555 6756

Thanks for submitting!

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